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Katie Stenberg

Kindergarten Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Stenberg taught kindergarten for three years in Minnesota and for two-and-a-half years in Fairfax County, Va. In addition, she spent a year in Reykjavik, Iceland tutoring foreign students in English and has worked in DeKalb County teaching at-risk students in grades 2-5. This is her second year at The Museum School.

A personal note: My husband and I enjoy traveling back to Minnesota to visit our families. We recently began tent camping and love exploring northern Georgia. In my spare time, I love knitting and reading!

Teaching philosophy: I believe it is important to instill a lifelong love of learning in children, building their self-esteem and fostering their independence. In the classroom, students work both cooperatively and independently to make meaningful choices and to develop complex thinking skills. Similarities and differences are acknowledged and celebrated. A variety of methods, modalities, extensions, and supplements are used throughout the curriculum and in the classroom environment to meet the various needs and learning styles of all students.

Website: http://www.mrsstenberg.weebly.com/

First Grade

Amy Rodriguez

First Grade Teacher

Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education PreK-5th with an ESL Endorsement

In addition to teaching first grade at The Museum School for the past three years, Rodriguez has seven years of experience teaching first grade and one year teaching second grade in Gwinnett County.

A personal note: I have 2 boys. Caleb just started second grade here at The Museum School and Matthew is 4 years old. My husband Chris and I have been married for 9 years. I love to decorate my house (IKEA is my favorite store!), spend time with my family, and enjoy arts and crafts!

Teaching philosophy: In teaching, my overarching goal is to develop a student-centered, active, and stimulating environment. I want my students to actively participate, rather than passively learn. I believe that higher learning is best practiced in an active classroom. My students are encouraged daily and provided with a positive environment that instills an intense love for life-long learning. Every student is successful! Ultimately my goal as a teacher is to educate, motivate, and inspire all my students to be lifelong learners.

Email: amy.rodriguez@themuseumschool.org
Website: mrsrodriguezs1stgradeclass.shutterfly.com


Yolanda Silveri

First Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with an ESOL endorsement, Georgia State University

This is Silveri's tenth year teaching. She taught first grade at Rockbridge Elementary School in Gwinnett County for three years and taught first and second grades at Walnut Creek Elementary School in Henry County for five years. This is her second year at The Museum School.

Personal note: I have a 12-year-old son named Jaylen. I love running and all things fitness.

Teaching philosophy: It is my mission to provide an inviting and stimulating classroom environment in which all students will learn through music, movement, technology and hands-on learning experiences. I believe all children can learn, and my goal is to create an atmosphere that engages students' various learning styles, strengths and needs within the classroom.

Email: yolanda.silveri@themuseumschool.org

Second Grade


Shaniece Marie Bates

Second Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Tennessee State University
Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction, Central Michigan University
*Certified in Middle Grades (4-8)
*Gifted Endorsement

Bates is entering her eight year of teaching,  She has experience teaching second and third grades in DeKalb County schools. This is her second year at The Museum School.

A personal note: I am originally from Brown Deer, Wis., a small suburb of Milwaukee. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband Jonathan, my daughter Kennedi Elaine, my son Aidan Kenneth and my step-son Jaylen. Other pastimes include cooking, reading, shopping, and traveling.

Teaching philosophy: I believe all students can learn and should be engaged in the learning process at all times. I also believe students should be made aware of what is expected of them, and educators should be firm and consistent, but yet nurturing. I believe students should grow academically, socially and emotionally in an atmosphere that is stimulating and adaptive to their diverse needs. Most importantly, I believe the learning process should be a fun and rewarding experience for both the student and the educator.

Email: shaniece.bates@themuseumschool.org

Website: http://mrsbates2ndgrade.weebly.com

Lillian Galicia

Second Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, Georgia State University
* ESOL, Math, and Gifted Endorsements

This is my fifth year teaching Kindergarten. Four of those years have been here at The Museum School, and one year was in Gwinnett County. I also completed two years of pre-service experience teaching grades Pre-K through seventh grade. A memorable point of my teaching career was teaching English in an elementary and middle school in Chengdu, China through an ESOL practicum.

A personal note: I speak Spanish fluently and enjoy playing guitar. I love spending time with my puppy Jasper!

Teaching philosophy: I believe all students are individuals who have different styles of learning, personal experiences interests and needs. I believe an integral part of my job is to guide students in their learning through meaningful and effective instruction that is developed with these differences in mind to ultimately lead to student success.

Email: lillian.galicia@themuseumschool.org
Website: http://msgaliciasclass.weebly.com


Ashley Beebe Zimmerman

Second Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Public Relations, University of Georgia
Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, University of Georgia
Currently working on a Master of Arts in Teaching

This is Zimmerman's sixth year teaching. After teaching second grade for two years in Charlotte, N.C., she moved into the Gifted magnet program and taught an accelerated second grade class for two years. She spent two summers working in the Mississippi Delta and Tulsa, Okla. as a Corps Member Advisor and Curriculum Specialist, coaching new teachers as they enter the classroom. This is her second year at The Museum School.

A personal note: My husband and I have been married since October 2011 and own one puppy – Cecelia (Cici). I am originally from Georgia; we moved back from Charlotte to be closer to our wonderful families. In my spare time I enjoy photography, travel, cooking and reading – I can't stop reading a good book until I'm done!

Teaching Philosophy: I believe children benefit from a classroom environment that allows them to explore their identity and seek to understand their peers as well as the world around them. In this process, students' own active participation enhances their learning as they probe new topics and delve deep into familiar information. I believe that by creating a warm, nurturing classroom culture and encouraging exploration and discussion, children are able to investigate challenging topics and take control of their own learning.

Website: http://www.msbeebe.weebly.com

Third Grade


Christi Brittian

Third Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Middle Level Education, Clayton State University

This is Brittian's second year teaching, and she has a year of pre-service teaching experience in a fifth-grade classroom in Henry County. In addition, she served as an instructional assistant for third and fourth grades at The Museum School during the 2011-2012 year.

A personal note: My husband and I have two amazing daughters, Gracie and Sophie. I enjoy camping, hiking, traveling, and cooking.

Teaching philosophy: My teaching philosophy centers on honoring and respecting each student and his/her unique and individual needs. My goal is to create an atmosphere of trust and compassion so that all students feel confident to take risks and reach their highest potential. I believe learning should always be meaningful and relevant to students' lives. I encourage students to question, problem solve and work together to find solutions and understand other points of view.

Website: http://mrsbrittiansclass.weebly.com/


Kari Cernoch

Third Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Education, The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota
Master's Degree in Reading Education, Mercer University
* Gifted endorsement

This is my first year at The Museum School. For the past 13 years I have taught third, fourth and fifth grades at Briarlake Elementary School in DeKalb County. Before that I taught for a year at another DeKalb School and a year in Minnesota.

Personal: In my freetime I love to read, cook, eat and hang out with my two kittens. I also love to swim, bike and run and will finish my second 70.3 Half Ironman this September.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe in teaching the whole child not just the academic subjects. I believe all children can learn and be successful in school when a safe calssroom environment has been created. Providing my students with hands-on, individualized, real-life instruction will create independent thinkers and lifelong learners.

Website: http://mscernochsclass.weebly.com/index.html

Emily Gardner

Third Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, Wittenberg University
Master of Science in Education with a focus in elementary reading and literacy, Walden University

Gardner taught second and third grade for 10 years in south Fulton County, including three years working with gifted students, and has taught third grade at The Museum School for the past three years.

A personal note: I am married, with a son and a daughter. I love to read and travel.

Teaching philosophy: I believe in hands-on learning and developing life-long learners. I want my students to learn through discovery and truly see the application for what they are learning. I strongly believe in the value of literature and creativity in the classroom. I also believe in educating the whole student and enhancing their character as well as their intellect.

Fourth Grade


Shannon Frandsen

Fourth Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, University of South Florida
ESOL Endorsement

Frandsen has five years of experience teaching third, fourth, and multi-age third and fourth grade classrooms in Pasco County, Fla. This is her first year at The Museum School.

A personal note: I recently relocated from Tampa, Fla. with my six-year old Bichon Bolognese, Oscar.

Teaching philosophy: Within my classroom, it is my goal to establish a hands-on, interactive, student-centered, safe and stimulating environment. I believe in teaching the whole child. I strive to provide a differentiated environment that appeals to all learning modalities and levels within my classroom. It is my mission to help mold lifelong learners and productive members within the community.

Kerrie Rich

Fourth Grade Teacher

Bachelor's in Early Education at Buffalo State University
Master's in Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction from Walden University

Rich has 11 years experience teaching third and fourth grades in South Fulton County schools. This is her second year at The Museum School.

A personal note: In my spare time I like to read (Harry Potter is a personal favorite), dance and try new, Atlanta restaurants. I love to travel, especially to Jamaica, but any tropical beach will do.

Teaching philosophy: I believe in teaching the whole child: academics, socialization, character education and conflict resolution. I try to make everything relate to a real world experience in order to connect the student to their learning and make learning more exciting. If students can see that what they are doing makes a difference in the world, they will become more interested in learning and doing, which makes our community a better place.

Fifth Grade

Kimberly O'Malley

Kimberly O'Malley

Fifth Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Georgia State University
Masters of Elementary Literacy and Mathematics, Walden University
Educational Specialist in Early Childhood Education, Georgia State University

This is O'Malley's eighth year teaching and fifth year as a classroom teacher. For one year, she worked as a studio teacher teaching child actors on film sets. She is certified in gifted education and holds a TSS endorsement. She is not only certified to teach elementary grade levels, but also middle grades Social Sciences.

A Personal Note: My husband and I have been married since July 2007. I am originally from Marietta, Georgia and moved to midtown Atlanta during college. I love living in the city where I can walk everywhere and enjoy everything that encompasses a city life. In my spare time I enjoy reading, dancing, singing and playing with my dog, Thomas Jefferson.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe children benefit from an environment that allows them to explore and construct their learning as I facilitate. I teach to the individual child by differentiating my instruction based on ability levels, interests and learning styles. My hope is that my students develop a life-long love of learning and they understand that with hard work and dedication, they can become whatever they dream of being.

Email: kimberly.omalley@themuseumschool.org

Sixth Grade


Stephanie Earnest

Sixth Grade Science Teacher & EL Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education, North Georgia College and State University Masters of Secondary Science, Mercer Unviersity
Gifted & ESOL Endorsement

This is my first year at The Museum School, but my 12th year of teaching in the classroom. I have taught Science, Social Studies, and Reading in grades 6-8 in Dekalb County and Forsyth County. I have been fortunate to teach a wide variety of students that differ in their backgrounds and needs.

A personal note: I live with my husband and dog, Cash, in Tucker. We are both Atlanta natives. I am most at peace when I am outside and/or active; that could be hiking, biking, traveling, camping, or sitting in a hammock and reading.

Teaching Philosophy: My Philosophy is somewhat wrapped up in my content area. I think kids are born with a natural curiosity and wonder about the world around them, which is the basis of science: a question. My hope in teaching is to maintain and grow that curiosity in kids. I want kids to desire to be creative, innovative, and knowledgeable. I hope to accomplish this goal by providing engaging and hands-on instruction that addresses a variety of learning styles.

Email: stephanie.earnest@themuseumschool.org
Website: mrsearnestsscience.weebly.com

Keooudone Inthirat

Sixth Grade Math Teacher

Bachelor of Art in Speech Communication at the University of Georgia (2003)
* Middle Grades Certification (GA TAPP)
* Gifted In-Field Certification (GA)

Inthirat served as a kindergarten paraprofessional in Jonesboro and spent the following two years as a computer lab instructor at the same school. He has seven years of experience teaching seventh-grade math at a Forest Park school, where he also served as math department chair, coach and technology liaison. He begins his first year at The Museum School hoping to fill the classroom with joy, wonder, and memories to last a lifetime.

A personal note: I adore my loving and wonderful life-long partner, Jennifer, who also is an educator, and three precious dogs: Penelope Marie, Emma Mae and Sebastian Yohan. I am a self-proclaimed Renaissance Man, into the arts, music, dance, film, technology, athletics, science, mathematics, poetry and learning. I like to play acoustic guitar, draw, read, ride my bike or skateboard, spend time with my family, and, occasionally, breakdance a little. An odd fact about me: I have been a semi-professional breakdancer for the past 10 years.

Teaching Philosophy: Albert Einstein once stated, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." I personally believe in this quote because the world has so much wonder; why stop questioning? Education is the key that opens doors for opportunities. Through education, people begin to realize their potential and see clearly their gift that can be offered to the world.

Email: Keooudone.Inthira@themuseumschool.org
Website: http://edmodo.com/themuseumschool6thmathINTHIRAT