Drama Club at TMS!

The purpose of a TMS drama club is to promote theatre education on campus and grow talent to support school plays, other arts programs.  This club will provide students with an opportunity to perform on stage, be technicians backstage, and attend performances on and off campus.  We will collaborate with Art, Technology, Music, Orchestra, STEM, and Language classes to support standards based learning using the theatrical arts.  We will also coordinate with other clubs, such as the garden club, to provide unique experiences to the community.

Our club goal is to enrich the lives of our artistic youth at TMS.  Many students have expressed a desire to have a theatre option for extracurricular activity, and this outlet will provide exploration of Georgia State Standards for theatre education.  There are many theatre programs, camps and clubs in our area, however this drama club will open to all TMS students, grades K-8 at no charge and will be standards based.

If you have students who are interested in joining the Drama Club, please take a moment to complete the short Drama Club Survey.  We plan to meet once a week after school.  Specific meeting day and time will be determined based on the survey results. More information regarding the Drama Club will be included in a future newsletter.

Thank you for your time, support, and interest as we begin this wonderful journey!!

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