It’s The Museum School‘s second virtual Exhibit Night of the school year! This unit’s theme is Into the Wild, and really, what could be wilder and more thrilling than a foray into the uninhabited hallways of our very own school building? Watch Principal Stewart’s Welcome Video, which is set in the midst of our real-life physical Exhibit Night display. In that same video, Ms. Chiofalo will serve as your guide as she walks you through our front hallway exhibit, showing some examples of the projects and experiences of our explorers this unit. Dr. Kelbaugh also has a few words to share in her Welcome below.

Our digital EN brochure below left is your map outlining what learning our students are showcasing in the grade-level, gifted, and exploratory presentations. When you’re ready to embark on your adventure, click on the grade level you’d like to see to launch their Exhibit Night presentations. A reminder that they are best viewed on a desktop or laptop, if possible; choose the ‘full screen’ option where available to maximize your experience!

Thank you for joining us, and enjoy your Winter Break!
Elaine O-Mast | Exhibit Coordinator

Welcome to Unit 2 Exhibit Night for the 2020-2021 school year. Though different from our traditional, in-person event, this Exhibit Night still celebrates features of our museum model that make The Museum School so special: engaging learning expeditions, riveting projects, active, hands-on learning, and an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

This unit, in particular, is actually one of my favorites. I love how our students and staff weave reading, writing, and even math into the exciting Unit 2 social studies and science topics. Exhibit Night work samples, photos and videos across the grade-levels show our students as active learners, who, despite their circumstances are determined to continue learning and growing. I think you’ll find that the number of new concepts and skills that students have learned and mastered over the last nine weeks is quite remarkable!

Thank you for joining us as we, once again, think outside of the box and present to you Virtual Exhibit Night! It’s time to explore!

Katherine Kelbaugh, Ph.D. | Executive Director