Get to Know TMS PTO!

As we begin year 7 and welcome new families to our school community, now is a great time to gain [or review] insight into your PTO and its mission.

Did You Know….

  • The PTO is your direct link to school events, teachers and classrooms.  As an active member, you will always be “in the know” about what is happening in and around the school.
  • The PTO sponsors or supports 10+ events or fundraisers each year.  Every penny raised goes back to the teachers and their classrooms for academic support they don’t receive from DeKalb County allocations.  The PTO isn’t just glorified party-planners… there’s a critical need for every single dollar they raise by creating events that are also great fun!
  • Last year’s PTO raised nearly $25,000.   Approximately $15,000 went to Teacher Mini Grants, Reading/Classroom Resources & Parent Resources.   $7,000 to “Teacher TLC” and general hospitality.  [**see below for a list of last year’s PTO-funded initiatives]

Bottom line?   If we want our children to get the most out of this already amazing school, we need to support the staff.  A teacher that has everything s/he needs in their classroom, or can relax in a comfortable break room, will make for a much better teacher.

Be sure to visit the PTO at Popsicles in the Park at 1pm on July 30th, or all evening at Open House on August 2nd.  Take a moment to become a member, pick up your Yearbook, shop for used uniforms or receive a quick tutorial on My School Anywhere, an invaluable resource for any parent at TMS.


Read-a-Thon Funded Literacy Program – $10,000
  • Junior Guild subscription (all – Media Center)
  • Classroom book sets (MS)
  • Teaching Reading Resources/Books (K-5)
Hospitality – $7000
  • Coffee carts, Exhibit Night snacks/dinners, upstairs mini-break room, new microwaves for break room 
  • End of year Staff Gifts 
  • Teacher Appreciation Week  
Teacher mini grants – $2,000
Parent resources – $400
  •   Common core education session and workbooks
  •   Lice talk and books for parent library


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