For the past 2+ years, school meal programs have been operating under COVID waivers that allowed meals to be free to all students.  At this time, it appears that  those waivers will not be renewed for next school year.

Therefore, it is likely families will NEED TO fill out meal applications and qualify for free or reduced-price meals based on household income and family size, as used to be required before COVID.

If you filled out an application this school year and qualified for benefits, those benefits will extend until about September.  Please plan to fill out an application sometime in July-August.

If you did not fill out an application this year but think you might qualify, please fill one out- and if you qualify, you will keep those benefits until September.  You will need to fill out another one in July-August.  If you’d like to fill one out now to see if you could get benefits that would last through September, use the online application found HERE. Instructions for filling out the application are at the bottom of this page.

2021-22 School Meal Procedure

Breakfast is served before school from 7:30am-7:45am in the cafeteria.

Lunch is served by grade level during the day.

USDA and the Georgia Department of Education have extended their COVID-19 meal benefits through school year 2021-22.  This means that TMS will once again be providing FREE breakfast and lunch to ALL TMS STUDENTS for the 2021-22 school year.

While families do not need to fill out meal benefits applications to receive these free meals, it is still recommended for families who wish to receive benefits for other services. It also qualifies your family for 1 volunteer hour.

Families who wish to fill out benefit applications can apply using Dekalb’s online application system by clicking this link: Benefits Application (Instructions are at the bottom of this page).

TMS Meals: Health in Mind

We are pleased to offer meals from Preferred Meals, and meal tracking and payment services from our online portal, Both services keep families fully informed of the menu, allergens, student lunch activity, and payment history.

Meals contain all food groups and nutrients that are required by USDA (under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act). This includes requirements such as a minimum ½ cup fruit and ¾ cup vegetable servings at every meal, whole-grain rich grains, and limits on sodium and trans fats, among other requirements. Preferred Meals’ kitchens are nut-free and pork-free, and are inspected by onsite USDA staff, which assures safe food handling and accurate labeling practices. You can view allergen information by placing your mouse over each menu item on online menus on Preferred Meals website. And, importantly, students really like Preferred Meals’ food. We offer 1 meat and 1 vegetarian option daily. For the 2021-22 school year, all meals are free to TMS students.

How Does My Child Get TMS Breakfast / Lunch?

Breakfast is served daily with no preordering needed.  Just show up!

Lunch MUST be preordered each day in homeroom.  Students order lunches by informing their classroom teacher, first thing in the morning, if they will need school lunch (either regular or vegetarian) that day.  Some teachers may request that parents do the ordering for their kids, depending on the age (i.e., Kindergarten).  Students who want school lunch will come to the cafeteria during their lunch period to receive lunch and afterward, will proceed to the seating area with their classmates.

Tardy students must have a parent or guardian text the front desk with their lunch order.  Text (678-249-0327) and include:

  1. Student name
  2. Regular or vegetarian lunch

For the first few days of school, to make things easier for everyone, TMS will have plenty of lunches on hand while students adjust to the morning preordering procedure.

Menus are posted in classrooms, the front office, the cafe, online on the TMS website, and in weekly newsletters so you will always be informed of what school lunch options are.

Students can order just milk (1% white, skim chocolate, or 1% lactose-free white).  Milk will be billed to student’s account at $0.50 each.

How Do I Pay for Breakfast or Lunch?

Although meals are free this year, if a student purchases a milk by itself (ala carte), they will be charged $0.50.  Please pay for all cafeteria purchases in advance. Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, or ACH withdrawal.

To pay by cash or check, send payment to the front desk clearly labeled with student name and “Lunch” or “Nutrition.”

For credit card or ACH payments, use You can make payments from your computer or mobile device and set email notifications for when your balance falls below a designated point. It is recommended that everyone set up an account in the portal- even if you don’t plan to use it for payment. It is quick and easy to do.

Please note: if you wish to pay by credit card or ACH, the portal charges a service fee per transaction:
• $1.00 for ACH for under $500.00 transactions (the fee increases by a dollar for every $500.00 additional), or
• $1.00 + 2.3% for credit cards (a $20.00 credit card charge would be assessed $1.46 in fees).
This fee covers the cost of credit card/ACH processing. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase lunches in batches, such as $20 or more, to minimize the impact of this charge.
You will not be charged any fees if you pay TMS directly by cash or check.

As always, email the TMS Nutrition Department ( with any questions or concerns. We look forward to serving the students this year!

If You Wish to Apply For Benefits- Follow These Instructions

Online application is quick, easy, and secure. Benefits Application. Doing so qualifies you for 1 volunteer hour per household!

  1. NOTE- use the website ONLY for meal benefit applications- do NOT pay on this site or view menus on this site.
  2. If you don’t already have an account, go to the bottom and type “Dekalb” in the school district pull-down menu.
  3. Create New Account- select “I’m a Parent” and click “Next”
  4. Create ID and password and a security question. Click “Create My Account”
  5. View Household letter for income guidelines; click “Next”
  6. Click “Save Applicant Information”
  7. Click the box to agree to terms and conditions.  Click “Next”
  8. Click “Dashboard” on upper left corner.  Hit “OK”- you will not lose progress
  9. Select “Add Student” and enter student information and click “Search & Verify.”  (You will need your student’s ID number- you can find this information by logging into Infinite Campus).
    • Select “Museum School Avondale Charter” (if you do not see our school listed, repeat Step 8 to make sure you are on the Dashboard page).
  10. Hit “Search and Verify”
  11. If the information that pops up is correct, click “Add This Student.”
  12. Once you have added all children in the household, click “Apply for Benefits.”  Note: This system is for applying for benefits ONLY. Do not make any payments to this account as it is not part of TMS’s lunch ordering or payment system. Do not view menus as it is not TMS’s menu.
  13. Fill out household information and when complete, you will see your meal benefits status- qualified for Free meals, Reduced-Price meals, or Denied (Full-Price meals).
  14. Please note:  all school meals are free to all TMS students through May 27, 2022 even if you do not fill out an application.  However, a completed meal application may be helpful in obtaining other household benefits for your student.
  15. To check application status, Use the “Eligibility Info” menu on the Left and select “My Applications.”

Contact the TMS Nutrition Department if you have any questions.

(PLEASE NOTE- use the Benefits Application link for meal applications ONLY– do NOT make payments on this site. For TMS meal payments, use our TMS payment portal).

Paper applications are available, if needed, by contacting the TMS Nutrition Department. All families are encouraged to apply for benefits, even if you think you do not qualify.  Refer to this chart for income qualifications.

Please contact Erin Johnson at if you have any questions.