Groups across the school community _ from staff and parents to the Governing Board _ have been working in partnership to make substantial gains toward creating a community that works for justice and celebrates differences.

“The Museum School’s mission and core values are around real-world success and cooperation, responsibility, respect and kindness,” said Executive Director Katherine Kelbaugh. “We feel responsible as adults to identify areas where we don’t feel there is equity within the school and to address it.”

2020-2021 Student Enrollment

MEMBER: Diverse Charter Schools Coalition

Museum School is honored and grateful to be a member of the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition. After an intense application process, The Museum School was invited to join the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition in May 2020. With only 57 members nationwide (and just 2 members in the state of Georgia), the coalition is dedicated to creating excellent, inclusive, and equitable schools for all children. Check out more about the Coalition at!

2020 AMLE Presentation

Museum School staff members presented at the Association of Middle Level Educators’ National Conference in October 2020 to share our EDI journey. We have lots more to learn and many more areas in which to grow but we are so proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far!  Check out the presentation here.

Strategic Plan at a Glance

The Museum School’s charter includes three organizational goals and over 20 strategic actions specific to diversity.

View the full strategic action plan for increased diversity at The Museum School

Diversity Goal 1: Student Composition

The Museum School has implemented three weighted lotteries, contributing to the school’s increase of free/reduced lunch eligibility from 16% to 30%.

Diversity Goal 2: Board of Directors Composition

All Museum School Board Members participate in annual diversity training.

Diversity Goal 3: School Faculty and Staff Composition

100% of Museum School staff members participate in equity and diversity training throughout each school year.

Organizations we Rely On for Support