The Museum School manages active student records on location. The Museum School can provide a copy of a transcript and additional records if requested, and verify a withdrawal or graduation date for any graduated or transferred student. Permanent records of a withdrawn or graduated student are forwarded to the receiving school and those records are no longer retained on site.

All certified student transcripts/records are sent (1) electronically directly to the parent/guardian indicated on the request and/or receiving school’s designated email address, or (2) in print and sealed to send home with the student or for pick up as arranged with the parent. If you are applying through “RAVENNA”, we also have the ability to upload to your student’s profile if given that information. We cannot fax student transcripts/records.

THERE IS A $3.00 fee per transcript for the transcript “only”, official or unofficial. The cost will be $10.00 for transcripts including tests scores, attendance, discipline, etc. The acceptable forms of payment are cash, check or money order by mail or electronic payments to the business office Paypal account: – a note MUST be included for the purpose of the payment in order to be applied correctly.

You may request a transcript/copy of student records during normal office hours which are 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Download and complete the Transcript Request Form. You must include the following information:

  • Student Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Grade Level or Last Year Attended
  • Copy of Parent/Guardian Photo ID
  • An email address for electronic delivery directly to the parent/guardian or receiving school, indicate upload to RAVENNA account, or printed copies for parent pick-up

****  Please allow up to 3 business days after receipt of the request for processing transcripts only. Please allow up to 5-6 business days for processing requests that require additional documentation.****

The completed request form and copy of picture ID can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to the address below:

The Museum School
Attn:  Registrar
923 Forrest Boulevard
Decatur, Georgia 30030

[email protected]


A student’s educational records are confidential and may only be disclosed as allowed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) or with the written permission of the student’s parent or legal guardian, or of the student (if over 18 years of age). Student records are kept in accordance with the Georgia Records Act.

The completed request form and copy of picture ID can be emailed to [email protected]

Or mail to:

The Museum School
Attn: Registrar
923 Forrest Boulevard
Decatur, Georgia 30030