Welcome 8th Grade Parents! Use this page as a guide for course selection and registration information for Druid Hills High School. DHHS is the only high school with which TMS has reciprocal registrar relationship.

DHHS Counseling Department
DHHS Counselors:

Sheena Diaz, TMS Middle School Counselor
[email protected]

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Summer Bridge 2023

Click here for information on Druid Hills High School’s Summer Bridge week July 24-27.

Important Dates

If you plan to apply to DeKalb’s School Choice program, TMS recommends you begin that process now.
The 2023-2024 open enrollment window for DeKalb School Choice is January 6th – February 10th.

Druid Hills High School Transition Night

The 8th grade high school transition meeting was held on Tuesday, January 17th at 6 PM. Click here to download the presentation.

Download the 2023-2024 Course Request Form

DHHS IB Program

The IB information session was held on January 30th.

  1. The recording to last night’s session
  2. The DHHS IB website with all the information about applying
  3. The Dekalb County School District School Choice website
  4. DHHS IB Website’s What is IB page, with the Learner Profile and a link to the PTO meeting with more information about understanding the IB approach

As a reminder, the two-step application process is due no later than February 10th. All completed applications should be submitted to [email protected].

School Choice

The DeKalb County School Choice application opened on January 6th and will close on February 10th.

To apply for the IB program at Druid Hills, two applications need to be completed entirely.

  1. DeKalb School Choice Application- https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/school-choice/
  2. IB website- https://sites.google.com/view/dhhsib/home?authuser=0
  3. Direct Link to IB Prep Application- https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/documents/school-choice/2023-2024/ib-preparatory-application-grades-9-10-updated.pdf

**Both the School Choice application and the IB Prep application must be completed by February 10th**

Please note:

  • If your student is not zoned for Druid Hills High School, the only way for them to attend is by applying and being admitted into the IB program. If this is your family’s situation and you need guidance, please reach out to Mrs. Diaz.
  • Even if you are zoned for Druid Hills High School, you must still complete the DeKalb School Choice application and the IB Prep Application if you plan to participate in the IB program.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • January 19th – DHHS Curriculum Night
  • January 30th – IB Program Virtual meeting

More information on these events will be sent in the following weeks. If you would like to contact the IB coordinators at DHHS, please do so with the following contact information. You are advised to send your email to all three emails.

IB Coordinators: [email protected]

Brett Flater: [email protected]

Anne Bracewell: [email protected]

The transition to high school is often confusing and complex. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Diaz. She is happy to help!

Sheena Diaz
Middle School Counselor
[email protected]

Course Selection Sample Checklist

For 9th Grade, students will select one credit each of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Additional selections can include a language, PE, or Pathway Electives to total 8 credits for the year. DHHS is on a block schedule: 4 courses 1st semester, 4 courses 2nd semester. Students need 24 credits by the end of Senior year to graduate.

Freshman Year Core Classes

Choose one each of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

  • English: Literature/Composition 9th or Accelerated Literature/Composition 9th
  • Math: Algebra I, Coordinate Algebra, or Accelerated Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry
  • Science: Biology, AP Biology, or Environmental Science
  • Social Studies: American Government/ Civics, or AP Human Geography
    Note, AP Human Geography is taught with American Government/ Civics and runs the full year (2 credits)

2 credits (semesters) of Physical Education are required for graduation, but one may be exempt through validated full-year participation in DeKalb County School District sponsored athletics, marching band, dance, and/or JROTC.

World Language requirements for graduation depends on the type of diploma.

  • College Preparatory Seal: 2 units of the same language
  • Career Technology Seal: 1 units
  • Honors/Distinction Seal: 3 units of the same language


Students are required to select elective courses based on an area of concentration with a minimum of three credits for either career technology humanities pathway. Career Technology units must be in one of the following pathways: Business, Digital/Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Food, JROTC, or Engineering.  A Humanities Pathway include the following areas: World Language, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, ELA, or Social Studies

Curriculum Offerings

International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), GiDed, Advanced (Accel) and General classes are available in each academic area—language arts, math, science, social studies and world language. The school also offers a full complement of classes in health and PE, the fine arts, and career technology. IB and AP classes are college-level classes. Gifted and Accelerated classes are rigorous, exceeding grade-level norms. General classes reflect the grade-level norm. 

IB Program

  • International Baccalaureate, offering a chance to earn a rigorous, internationally recognized diploma.  College credit available. Learn more
  • College level classes offer a “world view” and all courses interconnect (think: unit study at TMS).  Schedule is predetermined, with minimal opportunity for electives or changes. Starts in 11th grade;  students can opt out at any time, but cannot opt in after 10th grade.  Heavy on writing and homework.  Highly desirable for college admissions.
  • Pre-IB Requirements:
    • IB entrance by application only
    • 3 semesters language
    • Economics (required for high school diploma, but not offered within IB program)


  • Advanced Placement (coursework only, not a designated diploma)
  • Rigorous coursework with opportunities for college credit, based on AP exam scores. No set schedule, more flexibility for electives.  Highly desirable for college admissions. 
  • AP classes can be chosen individually, based on ability or interest. Two semesters of language required for graduation, or three for honors diploma seal. 

Dual Enrollment

  • College courses for college credit, usually off campus, with the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree in conjunction with the High School diploma
  • 9th grade NOT eligible
  • Learn more


  • Above grade standard level
  • No college credit, and not heavily weighted in college admissions process

General Diploma

  • Standard, grade-level coursework.  All core classes, plus electives.

School Choice

  • Only necessary if you live outside DHHS zones, or are interested in attending a different public high school, i.e. Lakeside
  • Requirements:
    • To attend DHHS as a School Choice, you must be enrolled in IB, which requires a recommendation from 8th grade teachers.  Enrollment is not guaranteed, application based, and limited.
    • Learn more or Register for School Choice