Volunteering at The Museum School is the foundation upon which our school was built.  From the first glimmer of an idea in 2009, to today’s daily classroom support, what you see has been created in large part by volunteers: passionate, engaged parents and community members who work tirelessly for one of Georgia’s top performing charter schools.

Families/caregivers can log hours now through May 31, 2024. Parents, caregivers, and immediate family members (above 18 years of age) can serve hours.

Learn about ongoing volunteer opportunities on the volunteer spreadsheet. This spreadsheet identifies numerous volunteer options, including yearlong and time-specific projects. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to learn about upcoming opportunities! And, be sure to ask your child’s teacher and read the Sunday newsletter for additional volunteer opportunities.

Log your volunteer hours here. You’ll notice this new logging system is quick and easy and does not require a volunteer ID! Contact Chris Cook if you have any questions about logging your hours. Future sign-ups for large volunteer projects will work directly with this log making serving and logging hours seamless.

Log Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities are always available,
click here for 2023-2024 ongoing volunteer needs.

Upcoming & Ongoing Events:

The Museum School Foundation

The Museum School Foundation is actively seeking volunteers to assist in the following areas:

  • Grant research
  • Accounting and Finance tasks
  • Fundraising events, including sponsorships, procurement, and event planning

Earn volunteer hours while supporting The Museum School Foundation. Please email: [email protected]