Author Visit and Science Experiments with Sean Connolly

We are super excited to announce that TMS will have an author visit for 4th, 6th, and 7th grade on Wednesday, November 14th from 8:30-9:30 compliments of Little Shop of Stories! Science wiz Sean Connolly will be doing 5 science experiments from his book THE BOOK OF INGENIOUSLY DARING CHEMISTRY.

Science wiz Sean Connolly, author of the award-winning series of experiment-based science books for kids, will be touring this November and will gladly do presentations for grades 4 -7. He’ll discuss and perform 5-7 experiments from his latest, THE BOOK OF INGENIOUSLY DARING CHEMISTRY: 24 EXPERIMENTS FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS, the newest installment in Connolly’s wildly successful series of STEM books is a hands-on (and historical) approach to science for kids. Sean helps children learn through doing – your schools and the students will love it! He’ll then take questions and sign books following the demonstrations.

Each fully illustrated chapter focuses on a single element—first describing its properties, how it was discovered, and even its potential danger level. Then easy-to-follow experiments help readers put their newfound knowledge into action by using everyday household ingredients such as light bulbs, eggs, and fridge magnets.

  • Sodium: Make “hot ice” by crystallizing vinegar and baking soda into sodium acetate.
  • Neon: See how this gas emits light by powering a light bulb with static electricity.
  • Iron: Submerge steel wool in vinegar to see how this metal oxidizes.
  • And phosphorus: Play cat detective by using ultraviolet light to locate bad cat smells!

Elements are the building blocks of our world—and The Book of Ingeniously Daring Chemistry is a building block to our understanding them.

Pre-order the book now so that you can get it autographed by Mr. Connolly!
All pre-orders are due by Oct.31 to be guaranteed a book.

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