February at TMS: Black History Month

As we know, diversity and cultural responsiveness are embedded in our daily life here at TMS.  During some months, we may focus on history that has shaped our world. We celebrated Black History Month around our school community throughout the month of February.  Black History Month originated in 1926 with a need to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of Black Americans. Students learned about the significance of many Black Americans and their impacts on our world today.  To learn more about Black History Month, click here.

What Did We Do?

  • K-5 Collaborative Exhibit: We invite families and students to visit and learn from our inventors showcase! Each classroom learned about a different Black inventor and their invention and created a poster and 3D representation to be showcased in our collaborative exhibit. Visit this exhibit in the school lobby. 
  • 6-8 Collaborative Exhibit: We invite families and students to visit and learn from our HBCU showcase! Each Middle Grades House focused on one HBCU and created an exhibit to share the history and any important facts. 
  • The A/V connection created several videos with background on HBCUs and interviews with staff members who are alumni of HBCUs. Click here to view a compilation of the videos
  • Every week a new Black History fact and trivia question were shared on the morning announcements by middle grades theater students. 
  • Black History Month K-5 Village Meeting: The February Village meeting featured a modern dance choreographed by Amaya Jackson, a game show sharing some of the famous Black inventors, and a poem shared by Kindergarten students.  
  • HBCU 6-8 Village Meeting: The March House Village meeting featured an HBCU-style pep rally and competition for Houses to showcase their knowledge of their HBCU’s history.
  • During Spanish classes, students learned about AfroLatino historical and current figures within AfroLatino culture. 
  • Classrooms also had their own celebrations of Black History month – many learned about different Black leaders during their morning meetings, read books and wrote reflections on their learning, and 8th-grade students studied and created an exhibit on Black scientists. 


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