Sorting Day 2019

Middle Grades Houses welcomed new and 6th grade Explorers Friday afternoon amid cheers and a few (happy) tears.

Mission Statement

The Museum School House System aims to create a positive, inclusive, and cooperative community across Grade levels to give students a sense of belonging and collective ownership of our Middle school.

6th – 8th grade students are sorted into one of 4 Houses:

House Truth

Bravery & Cooperation
Namesake: Sojourner Truth

House Baldwin

Confidence & Creativity
Namesake: James Baldwin

House Muir

Leadership & Sustainability
Namesake: John Muir

House Sotomayor

Grace & Responsibility
Namesake: Sonia Sotomayor

“My favorite part of the House system is when we cheered for each others house also when we did our handshake.” – Sa’Nya Burns

“My favorite part about the house system so far is the time we spend with our teachers and friends.” – Milen Ermias

“My favorite part of the House System is all of the grades getting to know each other better in each group, and all of us having tons of fun!” – Madison Huefner

Throughout the year, houses will earn points for positive behaviors like helping to push in all the chairs in a classroom, putting away and organizing laptops into the cart, offering for a friend to borrow a pencil, or reminding the class to recycle.

Additionally, students may sign up for “House Duties” like breakfast and cafe assistants, hallway greeters, litter pickup and dismissal assistants.

House points may be redeemed for a reward of choice (decided at Conclave) and the house with the most points each quarter gets the House Cup trophy and reward
of choice (decided at Conclave).

“Me and David haven’t been in the same class for 6 years but were in the same house!” – Declan Okwu

“My favorite part of the house system is getting to know other middle schoolers, and dress up in our color, making chants and hand shakes, helping out, and really just ALL of it!!! :)” – Izzy Feagans

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