The Board of Directors Diversity Committee

Committee members are responsible for ensuring the school is on track to meet its strategic and charter goals focused on diversity and inclusion, communicating the school’s work in these areas and ensuring the necessary resources are available for our staff and our families to succeed in building a more diverse and inclusive community. 

During the 2019-2020 school year, the Committee worked closely with the Executive Director, who led efforts to recruit a diverse field of teachers and staff and to attract a diverse community of prospective families to The Museum School. 

The school also joined the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition, a national group focused on building a network of diverse charter schools that promote equality by ensuring that students from different backgrounds have the same high-quality educational opportunities.

The Committee also updated the school’s strategic plan to emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion. Members worked with the Governing Board to increase funds for student recruitment and create a discretionary fund for families who may need extra support for school activities and supplies. 

The Committee is in the process of developing a data-mapping tool to assist with student recruitment efforts and working to increase diversity within the various Board committees. A key priority has been increasing communication about the various efforts underway at The Museum School; this webpage was a product of those efforts. 

For more information about the committee’s work, please contact Committee Chair Christina A. Cassidy at:

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