Introducing the Curator Circle Annual Fund

WHO is The Museum School Foundation?
We are supporters. We are the ambassadors of our children’s success – the parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers and friends that provide a launching pad for their future.
We are investors.  The Museum School is a homegrown community school built with passion and innovation to serve each precious, unique and inquisitive child. We invest our time, money, passion and ideas to create an environment that inspires excellence.
We are champions. We love TMS and it’s contagious. Our grassroots efforts built a true school-community partnership with tremendous support from private citizens, local businesses, and parents. The school is now a central focus for a community greater than the sum of its parts.
WE ARE CURATORS.  Widely recognized as an institution with the courage to foster exploration, discovery and creativity among its students through innovative teaching, The Museum School has been on a steep trajectory of success since it was founded in 2010. We are building on the success of the families who helped create and shape this special institution. We are committed to continuing the school’s legacy by providing the financial support necessary to sustain the unique, inclusive and real-world educational opportunities it provides for this generation and those to come.
How do I become a Curator?
The Foundation’s inaugural 2016-2017 Curator Circle annual fund replaces the Parent Campaigns of past years. The goal of the Foundation is 100% family participation. Our participation rate is an important factor in procuring funds from other individuals, grantors, foundations and corporations. In order for others to understand the value of The Museum School, we must first demonstrate our own commitment.
There are many ways to give. Monetary donations are accepted as a one-time gift, recurring gifts, or an annual pledge. Leveraging your corporate connections is a great way to bolster your donations – many companies offer employees matching charitable giving programs. In-kind and other non-monetary donations of services to the Foundation are also welcomed.
WHERE does my money go?
In the past few years, generous private funding from many sources has allowed The Museum School to complete required renovations on its school buildings, the oldest of which dates to the 1950s. With all five phases of the initial renovation plan funded, we turn to the next big adventure – a state-of-the-art media center necessary to meet county requirements and provide superior educational resources to a growing student population. Money raised by the Foundation’s 2016-2017 Curator Circle annual fund will be allocated towards the Inspiring Excellence capital campaign for the new media center. With your help, we will build our students a world-class media center that will serve as a model for other schools and inspire a generation of young scholars in their pursuit of personal excellence.
We ask that you pledge a gift in an amount meaningful to you. Every pledge makes a difference. For more information, or to make your contribution today, please click below.
Inspiring ExcellenceClick here to make a donation to the Inspiring Excellence Capital Campaign 2016/17 Pledge FormClick here to download and print the Foundation pledge form

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