A Message from Board Chair Andy Huff

It’s been a busy summer of construction at The Museum School and things are still a little…dusty!

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide an improved learning environment and make the best use of our space for our students, teachers and the community, the school’s Board of Directors authorized and has been managing the final phase of renovations to our existing buildings this summer.

So, things will look a little different when you arrive for Open House on Tuesday night!  There are 3 new classrooms in the middle school hall, the old welcome desk and administrative offices are now language and technology classrooms, and the school will have a new front door, administrative offices and gallery hall outside of the cafetorium.  We are excited about these improvements and know they will benefit our students, teachers and all those who come in contact with the school!

Despite the best efforts of dozens of architects, project managers and craftsmen, unfortunately, not all of the work will be 100% complete when school opens. There will be some unfinished surfaces and we will not be ready to fully occupy our administrative offices and teacher workrooms. Those areas will be closed off with temporary walls or barricades.

I can assure you that ALL classrooms will be completed and all student-occupied hallways and spaces will be safe for your students to travel within by the first day of classes.

Despite that fact that construction will need to continue after the first day of school for a few weeks, we anticipate no interruptions to student learning.  Work will be conducted on nights and weekends wherever possible and we will ensure it is happening in non student-occupied spaces if it must happen during the day.

We will share construction progress updates with you frequently.  In the meantime, I look forward to marking the formal completion of this important construction work, celebrating the close of our 5-year Exceeding Expectations capital campaign and sharing our next big project early this fall.

As always, thank you for sharing in the ongoing growth and progress of our school.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: andy.huff@themuseumschool.org.

Andy Huff
Chair, Board of Directors

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