The Board of Directors of The Museum School is responsible for ensuring that the academic program of The Museum School of Avondale Estates (The Museum School) is successful, that the school’s program and operation are faithful to the terms of its charter, and that the school remains a viable organization.

The Governance Committee is seeking interested individuals who may qualify to lead the following committee:  



The Facilities Committee Chair’s role requires a diverse set of skills to maintain the existing campus, strategically plan for the future and collaborate extensively with school leadership and the Board.  As a result, a wide range of knowledge related to the field of architecture, planning, construction, and project/construction management is ideal skillsets.  The position requires strong leadership and a tenacious and collaborative attitude.  A significant investment in time is required to meet the expectations of this role.

Position Expectations:

  • Active and engaged member of The Museum School Governing Board of Directors
  • To lead the Facilities Committee in issues related to both maintenance of the existing campus and future development of physical space
  • To lead the implementation of the vision of the school’s campus master plan
  • To actively coordinate with school leadership to ensure the school’s curriculum needs are met in terms of physical space
  • To think innovatively about how to secure additional athletic space for the school at other properties and expand opportunities on current campus
  • To coordinate efforts with the Development Committee related to the Capital Campaign for the new Media Center
  • To lead the effort to have the new Media Center, Courtyard, and associated renovations completed during tenure, which includes engaging with the architects, building officials, and contractors.
  • To collaborate with the Development Committee on a wide range of grants opportunities
  • To coordinate with the Finance Committee in terms of all construction and building related expenses
  • To lead the effort in procuring all entities who work on campus especially general contractors
  • Follow all laws and regulations surrounding procurement of work on campus
  • To be forward-looking and strategic about next steps the school should take in terms of facilities needs
  • To establish budgets related to all construction projects
  • To regularly inform the Board of Directors of issues related to construction and facility management and needs of the school
  • To regularly coordinate with the Campus Engineer on issues related to maintenance, construction, and planning/budgeting for deferred maintenance projects
  • In collaboration with school leadership, to set priorities and expectations of Campus Engineer
  • To actively plan and coordinate issues surrounding campus security
  • To ensure optimal number and qualified individuals serve on the Facilities Committee to implement the wide-range of initiatives and projects can be successfully completed and a diverse perspective/counsel is provided


To express your interest in this role, please complete the Interest Form available here and return to no later than March 29, 2017.  

To learn more about our Board-level committees and the Board of Directors, please go to:

Governing Board and Committees

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