TMS proved the right choice for the busy, inquisitive Jones girls

In our blog series, “Why The Museum School Works for Us,” aimed at prospective TMS families, we introduce prospective parents to families who chose The Museum School.

Shelby and Kenny Jones applied to TMS in 2014 when their oldest daughter, Montana, was entering sixth grade. All three of their girls attended International Community School (ICS), a charter school that goes through fifth grade. They were initially drawn to TMS because it was a charter school like ICS, and they wanted a similarly positive environment for Montana, 8th grade, Johna, 7th grade, and Skye, 4th grade.

Today, the Jones family is fully entrenched in all things Museum School. The Jones girls are everywhere, participating in Model UN, soccer, basketball, garden club, Junior Beta Club, the gifted program, and anything else that piques their curiosity. They truly take advantage of all TMS has to offer.

Shelby Jones shares a little about their experience:

TMS: How did your children fit in when they started at The Museum School?

SJ: The social part was easy. They had a few friends from ICS, and they had an easy time making new friends. Academically, the girls did pretty well with the transition.

TMS: How about you and Kenny? How did you find your niche?

SJ: Being parents of TMS students is definitely a life-changing experience. The girls are in so many activities that Kenny and I have been on the fast track in meeting so many wonderful TMS families. As far as our niche, we are Montana, Johna and Skye Jones’ parents! The girls have definitely made us known.

TMS: What types of volunteer work have you done to fulfill the school’s requirement?

SJ: Kenny does a lot of carpooling for TMS sports. We chaperone field trips when we can, and we help with school programs when needed.

TMS: Some parents express concern that charter schools cannot offer as many sports and club opportunities as a traditional school. Have you been satisfied?

SJ: True, TMS is a smaller school compared to more traditional schools. The sports and club opportunities are definitely diamonds in the rough. Many of the sports and clubs my girls are in are new, so we are all learning from the beginning. They have done amazingly well. Kenny and I could not be any prouder of them for their growth and understanding of teamwork.

TMS: What are some memorable experiences the girls have had at TMS?

SJ: Skye went to the Junior Beta Club convention in Macon last month. She was blown away! She is nine, and had never experienced anything like it. Skye and her team came in fourth in the Advertising and Design competition. Montana went to Disney World in seventh grade for a chorus workshop. She still talks about that trip. Johna went to Space Camp in sixth grade. She came home and told us everything that happened from start to finish.

TMS: What are your goals for your children?

SJ: Our goals for our girls are for them to be leaders in some form or fashion and for them to take the many things TMS has offered and put them to use in the next chapter of their lives.

TMS: What else would you like prospective parents to know?

SJ: TMS has been a milestone in my girls’ lives.  The foundation being set for them is making a major difference in their lives now and for the future. TMS is the beginning of an amazing future for our children.

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