Yearbook Day: Friday, May 19

Cover design by Marley Singh

The Explorer Volume 7 was produced by the Museum School’s student yearbook club and a team of teacher and parent volunteers lead by 7th grade teacher, Ms. Desiree Carter.

The book would not have been possible without the contributions of many people. Thanks to Xavier Moore (6th grade) for coming to every yearbook club meeting with a smile and ideas. Thanks to Mr. Dakota Floyd, Ms. Avery Alexander and their journalism class for offering support in tagging students, writing captions, and creating content. Thanks to Ms. Carly Covic Ampler for leading the team of parent volunteers. Thanks to all of the teachers, staff and parents who volunteered their time.

Yearbooks will be distributed to Students on Friday, May 19th

Desiree Carter recommends sharpie markers as ballpoint pens will poke through pages and other types of pens will smudge no matter how much time they’re given to dry. If you would still like to purchase a yearbook, you can follow the directions on the Treering quick start guide.

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