Middle School Gives Back

Attention Middle School students and parents!

The Silent Auction is asking for Middle Schoolers to give back! Students have been asked to think of how they would like to “Give Back” and earn money for their school, and to discuss with their parents.

This year students can put their services up for auction. Does your child like to work alone or with a partner or partners? Do they love animals? Can put his or her talents into house siting/pet sitting or dog walking? Sports! If your kids like sports maybe two team up and do an all sports themed play date, maybe at your house or the park, up to 3-5 children. Two kids love craftiness, maybe they get together with a child that loves to bake and host an arts and crafts playdate. The possibilities are endless! Music, arts/crafts, baking, magic, balloon animals, raking, a mani-pedi party, car washing/detailing, mother’s helper, gardening, tutoring, babysitting, house sitting.

Donation forms are due October 6th:
Download Donation form as PDF | Download as Word Document

Email Rachel Herzog with any questions: rachel@tickleworm.com

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