2019-2020 Enrollment or Re-Enrollment Instructions for ALL Students


The absolute deadline for receipt of required documents is 07/19/2019, no exceptions or extensions.

Please download, complete, scan and submit the required “registration” documents electronically via tmsuploads@themuseumschool.org.

Required Documents for ALL Students

PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF DOCUMENTS AT THE SCHOOL. Based on our current protocol for this process, we ask that you please send these documents electronically. If there is some reason you are unable to send the forms electronically, please contact our Registrar at registration@themuseumschool.org to make other arrangements for submitting these forms.

A checklist was provided earlier for your convenience so you would be prepared when receiving this notification with regard to what documentation would be necessary to complete this process. State health records, Form 3231-Immunization Record and Form 3300 – Certification of Ear, Eye and Dental Examinations, are required for enrollment. Failure to produce these documents (when applicable) in accordance with the deadline could result in delays in enrollment for your student. Please be mindful of the dates you’ve been given for this purpose.

Please send any questions or concerns you may have regarding any portion of this process to our Registrar @ registration@themuseumschool.org.

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